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This young brand was presented in ExperimentaDesign 2011, in Lisbon, as the new brand of design in the Portuguese language. The team of fcadesign has as a mission to make each book not only a working tool and a diffusion of knowledge, but also an object of aesthetic and creative excellence.
Soon, fcadesign will present some surprises, continuing the path began with its first publication Design pelo Desenho.

After more than 50 years since its foundation, LIDEL is now recognized as a book publisher of excellence and accuracy, sought by professionals and students who trust in their books and authors.

At the same time that it strengthens this tradition, LIDEL is also trying to reach new audiences, introducing books with general content with its stamp of quality. For those new readers we have created LIDEL saúde e bem-estar, which titles are available thought LIDEL website.

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